7th of the Month

The Beauty of Eclecticism is pleased to highlight the work of our resident featured musician, California-based singer/songwriter Quinn DeVeaux, and his "7th of the Month Series," in which he will be releasing a new music video each month on YouTube. Along with his band, the Blue Beat Review, Quinn offers music to feed the soul, and we wish him great success.

"Good Thing"--released February 7, 2014
"Li'l 45"--released March 7, 2014

Clef Notes--announcements/updates

Folk Alliance International Conference 2014
Music videos from Originals and covers



Review of latest albums in the San Francisco Chronicle
Quinn on Twitter
Meklit and Quinn--videos from the duet album with Meklit Hadero

The Band

Quinn DeVeaux and the Blue Beat Review--official website; all albums available for sale
Quinn and the Review on Facebook
Quinn and the Band on YouTube
Elwood's Blues Breaker--Quinn and Review featured on Dan Aykroyd's radio hour

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