Monday Moment

The Beauty of Eclecticism is proud to host the work of our resident featured artist, amateur photographer Sarah Graybill-Greene, in a weekly feature entitled "Monday Moment". Each Monday, a new exemplar of Sarah's work will appear, along with a brief explanation of the image given by the artist.

"Road and Waters Meet"--February 3, 2014
"Sad and Forlorn"--February 10, 2014
"Last Light"--February 17, 2014
"Our Daily Bread"--February 23, 2014
"Splendid Spring"--March 3, 2014
"Summer Blooms"--March 10, 2014
"River and Sky"--March 17, 2014
"Bleeding Heart"--March 24, 2014
"Tiny Joys"--March 31, 2014
"Dark and Ominous"--April 7, 2014
"Seedtime and Harvest"--April 14, 2014
"Wildflower Fields"--April 28, 2014

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