My Truly Weird Crushes

I've always wanted to actually sit down and document this list.  It's a confession of my attraction to famous people that only I and 14 other people on the entire planet find sexually appealing in some creepy way.  Viewers with a weak constitution should look away now.

1.  Alan Alda as B.F. "Hawkeye" Pierce on M*A*S*H*

2.  John Goodman

3.  Anthony Hopkins as anyone BUT Hannibal Lector

4.  Peter O'Toole at any age

5.  Kevin Spacey

6.  Gabriel Byrne

7.  Eric Stoltz

8. Monty Python--
    Graham Chapman--He's dead, though, and I don't do that Roses for Emily thing!  Besides, he was gay, so I wasn't exactly his type.
    John Cleese

    Terry Gilliam--He was quite ugly in his younger days; he didn't become attractive until he hit 60.
    Eric Idle--He's my favorite!
    Terry Jones
    Michael Palin--He's also my favorite!  =)

9. Sir Patrick Stewart--
I just LOVE good old Chrome-Dome Picard

10. Freddie Mercury--Talk about not his type!  YOWZAH! 
Holy Bisexual, Batman!  Still...

11. Lion-O, Leader of the Thundercats--Please, no comments!  I've tried for years to avoid even THINKING about the ethical implications of THIS one!

12. Meatloaf

13. Dr. Richard Zielinski--Most of you have probably never heard of him.  He was my choral conductor at Indiana State University.  My fellow music students thought I was nuts when they found out I had a crush on him.  Finally, the truth can be told, Captain.

14.  Matt Frewer, a.k.a. Max Headroom

15. Gary Sinise

16. Edward Norton

17. Jackie Gleason

18. Richard Schiff as Toby Ziegler on West Wing

19. Bradley Whitford as Joshua Lyman on West Wing

20. The late great John Spencer as Leo McGarry on West Wing

(Yes, OF COURSE I had a crush on Rob Lowe's character, Sam Seaborn, as well, but that's not a WEIRD crush.  EVERYONE thinks Rob Lowe is hot.)

21. Paul Bettany--I was REALLY annoyed when I found out that my favorite character in the movie A Beautiful Mind was a hallucination!

22. Sam Elliott *Grrrr*

23. Ed Harris--I'm beginning to suspect it's not the tragedy we thought it was that Michael's hair is already thinning.

24. Tim Curry--Yeah, I know.  "Rocky Horror Picture Show?!"  But that accent!  Oooo.
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