February 22, 2012

Blueberry Ripple

Hurray!  Another installment of my favorite yarn craft memes, and a chance to show you my latest exciting crochet adventure.  First off, I would like to announce the completion of yet another of my baby blankets for charity.  My sweet Brigid the SuperToddler had to come and feel it, inspect the work, try to identify all the colors this evening as I was putting on the finishing touches, and she seemed to give it the ToddlerHousekeeping seal of approval, so hopefully some new little one will find it fascinating and comforting.

The famous Christmas Blanket is still her favorite.

However, my photo this week features a project that is very dear to my heart, that I jumped into late last week to give myself some variety, so I wouldn't get bored with the baby blankets.  I had tried a "ripple" or "chevron" pattern once before about 5 years ago, with dismal results, but after seeing them on several people's Yarn Along posts, I decided I just had to try again.  I don't like letting my yarning efforts defeat me if I can possibly help it.  Naturally, what color would I use for an afghan I'm making for myself, especially one which has become a personal challenge for me?  BLUE, of course, and those who know me personally are all shaking their heads and asking themselves if I EVER get weary of all blue, all the time, knowing all the while that my answer is, "How could anyone ever get tired of blue?!"

ANYWAY, I actually finished the book in this photo just a few minutes before I snapped the picture, but since I haven't started another one yet, I figured I'd include it, especially since these two items together were a large part of my life for the past week.  Hope your reading and yarning have been equally satisfying!

P.S.  I forgot to give credit where credit is due for the pattern I'm using for the ripple blanket.  Thank you, Attic24!


  1. Lucy from Attic24's ripple is definitely my favorite ripple pattern! Yours is looking lovely.

  2. Great picture on the couch. Very sweet! :)

    Also, because you like to crochet, I thought you might be interested in checking out my site.

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  3. Gorgeous ripple! I've done exactly that ... tried, failed and then come back to it after some time is passed with success! And I agree btw, how could anyone ever tire of blue?

  4. Your blanket is looking fantastic...and for me, it is all grey all the time, so I know what you are talking about.

  5. Wow, your blankets are really neat! I wish I could crochet, it looks so great!

    Thanks so much for sharing!


  6. I think it's so cool that you're making all these blankets for charity. We were the recipients of some blankets and hats and other stitched gifts when our twins were in the NICU, and it really helped the girls' isolettes feel more home-y.

  7. Beautiful blankets and I love the ripple pattern from Attic24. I've got it saved in my to do list one of these days :) Happy crocheting!

  8. i agree. there is nothing wrong with any and all shades of blue.


  9. Mmm, blueberries. I love all the blues you've combined, they look so cool and delicious. And the Attic 24 ripple pattern really is an awesome one. Someday I'll make something with it other than the first "let's see how ripple works" swatch I did and really enjoyed.

  10. Your ripple is gorgeous - and you are right how could you ever tire of blue all the shades are perfect.
    Enjoy the new project.

  11. I love all the blues and greys in your ripple. Really pretty!


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