May 18, 2012

AND then we had to call the cable guy...

During the harrowing health adventures I described in my last post, my poor, beleaguered husband was also having to move us to another apartment, because our lease was about to run out, and the owner of the condo we were renting had decided to sell.  (The appliances were older than I am, and even less "work-brickle," as we say where I'm from.  Believe me, both sides were ready to say good-bye.  Our new place is much nicer, thank God, even if it is smaller.)  With me unable to pick up the SuperToddler, let alone pack and move boxes, because of my recent hernia surgery, Good Man Michael has been doing most of this on his own, with the aid of his parents and a few faithful volunteers from church.  (THANK GOD FOR OUR NEW CHURCH!)  Meanwhile, I have been untangling things like forwarding addresses, cancelling old utilities, establishing new ones, and calling the cable company to set up FOUR DIFFERENT APPOINTMENTS (so far) to switch service from our old to our new place. 

  1. This new apartment had no cable (the previous occupants were dish users), so the first cable guy couldn't do anything for us.  They had to send out "a crew" to "dig" a new line, and I dare not think about all that was involved in that.  This is truly the joy of being a renter; the owner approves the digging, it's their property, let them worry about it.
  2. The crew came, and apparently they dug and spliced and whatever else they do.  They knocked on the door when they were finished and announced, "OK, you can call the company and have them send someone to turn it on now."  Thanks.  Did I mention that they were also installing the internet?  Yeah; serious web surfing withdraw, and having lived in Kazakhstan for a short time, I can tell you that NO, that is NOT just a first-world problem.
  3. Guy came today and turned everything on.  Hail, o glorious Internet!  Sat down to play with the new remote for my new cable box, establish my list of favorite channels, etc.  Wait.  What the WHAT?!?!?!?!  Where are the premium channels I actually paid for so Brigid could have them (Disney, Cartoon Network, Nick Jr.)?  (Yeah, I know, we're sickeningly into 1st-world problems now; it still pissed me off).
  4. Called customer service--"We'll send an agent over tomorrow."  Yipee.  At least he's coming on a Saturday, rather than making us wait until Monday.  And this has been my day, and my week.
The point, however, is that I DO have internet again, so I can once again BLOG.  And let me show you by far the best aspect of our new place.

Yes, that is my SuperToddler enjoying her brand-new, fully fenced-in back yard, the whole of which I can observe through the lovely French doors at the back of our living room.  This arrangement makes everyone extremely happy.

Isn't that just the cutest little Elmo-clad monster you've seen all day?


  1. What a beautiful backyard! Glad to hear you're getting settled. Michael rocks!

  2. My dear, you must send me your new address ASAP so I can sent you a congratulations letter and more letters with new inks from my pountain pen ink-of-the-month club.


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