October 16, 2008

It's Only a 14-Hour Drive . . .

Wow, do I have a big weekend ahead of me! Tomorrow, I'm headed up to South Bend, Indiana, to meet with a professor from the Theology department at Notre Dame. I'm beginning the process of applying to their Ph.D. program, so I wanted to establish a personal contact with someone there, especially since this professor is the primary reason I want to get into this program. I've never seen Notre Dame before, so I'm nervous about the appointment, but excited about the trip.
From there, I will be headed to Chicago, where a distant cousin of Michael's is getting married, so I'll finally meet more of my Ukrainian in-laws. I'll be attending my first entirely Ukrainian-speaking Orthodox church, so this should be interesting. Far more importantly, I'll get to see Michael for the first time in over a month. It's going to be a big weekend!

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