October 10, 2008

My Current Adventure

A baby! I'm 10 weeks along, so I've had time to adjust to the idea, but it still amazes me at times. Of course, the delightful symptoms help keep me grounded--heartburn, headaches, occasional aches and pains, allergies and sinus meltdown. But I wouldn't trade them for all the world, because they remind that a tiny life is growing inside me, and at least I haven't been yarfing!! Medicaid paperwork and more paperwork, the typical complications of life, have prevented me from seeing a doctor in the past three weeks, but up to that point, I had enough ultrasounds to map the planet's ocean floors. The delight of seeing and hearing my baby's heartbeat was overwhelming! I confess, I cried--totally characteristic behavior for me. The first trimester has been scary and exciting, but the second trimester is now within sight, and I'll be glad when we get there. I'm more than ready to have some energy back! Even for a pious devotee of sleep like me, having to nap three times a day eventually becomes a bore.

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