February 19, 2014

Believing in Fairy Tales

I urge all of you to check out an extraordinary photographic experience, entitled "All Love Is Equal." Braden Summers traveled the world constructing and capturing these images, to help his viewers understand, perhaps for the first time, that members of the LGBTQ community also long for romance and companionship. Despite the stereotypes that have pervaded our culture for so long, homosexuals do not all wander from one anonymous sexual encounter to another, with no desire for permanence. We, too, wish to grow and mature by offering sacrificial love to another human being, the kind of love that the Greek writers of the early Church ascribed to Christ, i.e. kenosis, or "self-emptying" love. I understand that this view is unacceptable or even repugnant to some. Just try not to attribute to us less worthy motives in our relationships than you would to anyone else, please, even if you believe our views are wrong.

This image is the work of and belongs to
Braden Summers, author of the "All Love Is Equal" project.

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