February 12, 2014

Homeless 7.5: Update

"Ascent of the Blessed"
by Hieronymous Bosch
(one of my favorite artists)
And this, my friends, is how God works, this is how Deus ex machina works--at the moment you need Him, and not a second before. At least, that has always been my experience of Him, and today was no different.

This brief update is to let you know that I got a small but important piece of good news tonight, that could well eventually prove to be the game-changer I cried out for earlier today. I don't wish to say too much now, because it was only a small piece of good news, and I have to spend the next couple of days making phone calls and getting some answers about what it all means realistically. It seems quite likely at this point that I will still end up spending some time in a homeless shelter, but let's just say I got a glimpse of enough light to illustrate that this is a tunnel, and not a bottomless pit, through which I am traveling.

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