By far the most popular posts I've ever done, "Homeless: A Series" began as a way for me to process the emotional rollercoaster I have been on for nearly a year without the feelings overwhelming me. However, it was also a way to let my readers get an inside glimpse of this experience without having to live it themselves. There were so many things about the everyday life of homelessness of which I was totally unaware until now, and my hope is that if more taxpayers, voters, who have homes and stable lives, become aware of these factors, change might result. I believe and know from experience that most Americans are good people who demand change once they become aware that something in our system is broken. Let us band together to defeat homelessness in this country.

Homeless: A Series--December 21, 2013
Homeless 2--December 27, 2013
PTSD and Fumbling, or Homeless 3--January 7, 2014
Homeless 4--January 13, 2014
Homeless 5--January 22, 2014
Homeless 6--January 29, 2014
Homeless 7: Terrified--February 12, 2014
Homeless 7.5: Update--February 12, 2014
Homeless 8: "The Rest of the Story"--February 13, 2014
Homeless 9: A GOOD Day--February 14, 2014
Homeless 10: The Real Deal--February 20, 2014
Homeless 11: A Suit of Armor--February 27, 2014
Homeless 12: A Damn Job--March 4, 2014

Homeless 13: How I Got Here--March 11, 2014
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Homeless 13.5: And on the third day...--March 14, 2014
Homeless 14: Voices in the Wilderness--March 19, 2014
Homeless 15: Terror by Night and Day--May 01, 2014

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