Dorothy Parker Award

I have decided to institute a new book rating on this blog, a special award to be given to those books which have attained a uniquely annoying, poorly-written, or ass-numbingly boring status that deserves special recognition. For full details on why I decided to name the award after the deliciously acidic Dorothy Parker, see my entry on her in my commonplace book, but the quote from her that is included as the motto on the award really tells the tale. Although the quote was originally penned about a novel, I've discovered books in all genres that were worthy of this lofty prize, so I will apply it equally to fiction and non-fiction, should its presentation be necessary.

On this page, you will find a list of all past recipients, and by whom the award was given, as it may have been another book blogger who just notified me of the prize-giving.

Please feel free to distribute your own Dorothy Parker Awards to any sufficiently worthy recipients. If you do, please leave me a comment letting me know; I'd hate to stumble upon one of these fine specimens by mistake and start reading it.

1.  "Oops!", by Bill Myers.  Given October 9, 2011, by JNCL.
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