Like most book bloggers, I am quite happy to accept books for review from authors, agents, or publishers, but for my own sanity, I must insist on the following guidelines.  Anything that indicates you have not read or have simply disregarded this policy will force me to immediately reject your book.


Please verify your book against the following list BEFORE approaching me about it.

*I rarely read romances or horror.
*I do not review erotica.  Ever.
*I usually only accept HARDCOPY completed books or ARCs.
*Sorry, but I am unable to make any decisions about author interviews or giveaways until I have read the book.
*I am only interested in book tours that are pitched by agents or publishers.

The Pitch

*Please approach me ONLY through e-mail at asfooraabla AT gmail DOT com.
*Let the book speak for itself.  Please do not send me information about the awards you have won or other information from your resume.  Likewise, do not send me quotes from other reviewers.  Please do not send an attached copy of a manuscript.  Rather, I need an image of the book's cover, its release date, and above all, a HELPFUL SYNOPSIS.  These are the things on which I base my decision to read or not read.

The Review

If I decide to review the book, it is only fair to let you know the following things in advance.

*My first priority in writing a review is to give the readers who follow my blog a completely honest and accurate description/opinion of the book.  I do write negative reviews if I feel that honesty demands it.  I will do my best to be completely fair, to mention any negatives in an otherwise positive review, and to highlight positive aspects in an otherwise negative one.  However, I cannot accept the book if you must have a positive review.
*I require 30 days from the date on which I receive the book to post a review.  If this timeframe does not fit in with a book's release/publicity schedule, then I am afraid I will be unable to review it.
*Reviews will appear here on the blog, and I will be happy to e-mail you the link once the review is posted.  I also post reviews on Amazon.com and Goodreads, and will advertise them several times on Twitter and Facebook.

Within these parameters, I will be happy to read and review books.  Thank you for your co-operation.


Per federal regulations, I wish to make it clear that I accept free books in exchange for honest reviews, and that I occasionally review books through BlogHer for a small monetary compensation.  This in no way affects the forthright nature of my reviews, and I do not write compensated reviews for anyone else.  I am not an affiliate of any retailer, and am certainly not a professional reviewer.

Images and Copyrights

To the best of my knowledge and ability, all images that appear on this blog are either free of copyright or properly credited.  I will be happy to make a correction if it is brought to my attention that an image I am using needs attribution.

Unless otherwise stated, the drawings on this site are my own work.  They, like all other content here, are protected under a creative commons copyright.  You may reproduce small portions of content found on The Beauty of Eclecticism, but you may not alter that content in any way, and you must properly attribute the work to me, with a link back to this blog.  Thank you.
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