January 18, 2012


You may have noticed that I've done some temporary re-decorating here on The Beauty of Eclecticism, doing my bit to see SOPA/PIPA defeated for good.  If you want to know more about these pieces of legislation, I recommend you visit the SOPA and PIPA Wikipedia pages, which are the only pages accessible during Wikipedia's blackout.  While I'm not conducting a true blackout on my site, as you can see--partly because of simple lack of technical know-how, and partly because I'm really behind on some posts and need to catch up--this brown-out is my way of saying that I've had it with the US government thinking it can protect me by inconveniencing me, censoring me, getting into my personal space and strip searching me at airports, wire-tapping my phone and e-mails, and any other piss-poor idea they might try to introduce next.  As of this month, we lost our rights to habeus corpus and a speedy trial when a terrifying Legislature sent NDAA to the White House and a traitorous President signed it.  (Yes, I'm a Democrat.  Democratic and Republican politicians both were complicit in this crime against the Constitution.)  I'm fed up.  Aren't you?

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