January 09, 2012

Happy Mailbox Monday!

DOH!  *facepalm*  I forgot until just now that it's MONDAY, and unlike last week, my mailbox actually had quite an exciting time of it this week, so I must post a Mailbox Monday entry immediately, while it still IS Monday!

ANYway, this week's haul included--


The Resignation of Eve: What if Adam's Rib is No Longer Willing to be the Church's Backbone?
by Jim Henderson

THIS one certainly looks like it will be nothing if not interesting.  Pretty much since the Evangelical movement began, its churches have always been regularly attended by more women than men.  This author is pointing out the fact that women are leaving for a myriad of reasons.  At the risk of stirring up a sh*t storm, I have to ask: I wonder if he mentions that one reason women are leaving is because they've been expected to do everything else in their churches, but have not been allowed to be part of the ordained leadership?


I have been determined for about a decade to own all of the Laura Ingalls Wilder books in this beautiful, full-color edition, and this week, I finally accomplished that goal.  Hurrah!  It's a small thing, but it makes me disproportionately happy for some reason.

Big changes in my life occasioned the purchase of these last two books, changes to which I may or may not devote an entire post some time--I honestly haven't decided yet.  Some things just feel intensely personal, even if they're NOT about sex or bodily functions, don't they?  Religion can certainly be one of those things.  Who knows?  I may wake up tomorrow and decide to spill my guts about the whole thing to you, my loyal readers. 

Either way, this post isn't the time or place, so instead, let me just say that I got two lovely new books with shiny gold crosses embossed on their covers, and have been avidly studying them ever since.  Aren't they lovely?

Hope you enjoyed your mailbox experience this week as much as I enjoyed mine!


  1. Your books look lovely! My site's back up and running now. Sorry for the inconvenience earlier when the server was down!

  2. Glad you made it to Mailbox! enjoy them all.


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