January 26, 2012

WTF?! Wednesday Rides Again

WTF Wednesday is an extremely irregular feature on this blog (i.e. there have been a grand total of two thus far).  These are infuriating or laughable weirdnesses that life serendipitously sends me, and I figure life wants you to know all about them, too.  That life--what a joker!

Just a little something I found in a Barnes and Noble parking lot, and immediately knew I had to share a picture of it with you all.  I swear, I never touched it, but if its arrangement is a coincidence, then I'm the newly-crowned winner of the Miss America pageant.

The Finger

See, don't you feel in a better, much snarkier mood already?  I just love WTF Wednesdays!


  1. Ha! Awesome! I actually think its arrangement is coincidental. Most people wouldn't want to touch a glove in a parking lot, after all.


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