September 27, 2012

Got Ink?

SO, while I've been reading like a mad thing and slowly digging myself out of a reviewing backlog, the dear Good Man Michael has been up to all sorts of adventures lately!  I believe I have mentioned his pursuit of powerlifting perfection before on this blog, but in case I haven't, let's pause to give it a proper introduction.

I know; that's impressive, isn't it? Some serious beefcake.  Mind you, that's not just him hanging out in the gym doing his weekly workout--that's him in a competition!  Earlier this week, a kid in a restaurant asked him which NFL team he plays for, and some strumpet! woman was hitting on him as she drove by the gym tonight!

ANYWAY, last weekend, Good Man Michael got his first TATTOO!! Before you ask, I was completely okay with this idea, and he did notify me beforehand that he was thinking of doing it. (Notice I said "notify," not "ask".  Despite the fact that they're all grown men, his lifting friends are always impressed that I "let" him do these crazy things. All I asked was that he not start piercing random parts of himself; he said he'd already ruled that one out himself, thank you very much!)

He went with a friend to a Tattoo Expo that was in town, and when he left the house, I asked,"So, are you finally going to do it? Gonna' get inked?" Lots of hemming and hawing and "oh, I'm sure they're already booked up, so I'll just get some information" sort of thing. Mmm-hmm. I knew when he left the house that he would come home freshly marked. I wasn't expecting it to be quite this BIG, but I think it's absolutely awesome.

"I will find a way, or make one."
(Here's me being very grateful for the first time in my life that Michael's Mom DOESN'T routinely read my blog! He's going to tell her, of course; he's just "waiting for the right moment." Good luck with that. When his brother saw it, he practically asked if Michael was planning to sell tickets to the parental unveiling!)

Just look at the definition on that tricep, will you? You know what that is--that's a BAMF, right there, that's what it is. (If you have to ask, you'd rather not know, trust me.) Luckily for his daughter and I, he's also a sweet, muscly teddy bear.

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