Read Your OWN Library!

Welcome to the headquarters of the Read Your OWN Library! Challenge, a new endeavor in bibliomania, library-taming, and bloghopping/linky-partying.

If you fit the profile of the average bibliophile, then you probably already own more books than you will read in a lifetime, without darkening the doors of another bookstore or library ever again.  The goal of this monthly challenge is to apply yourself to whatever amount of your backlog is realistic for you at one go.  There are three levels of the challenge, and each will earn a sidebar button, hand-designed by yours truly, for all who complete the tasks they have set for themselves.  The rules of the challenge are few and simple, and are listed below in no particular order.

  • Read at least one book every month that you've owned for 6 months or more and have never read previously, then write us a post about it.  Please write at least a minimal review (no spoilers!), and any interesting anecdotes you have about how you came to own the book in the first place are always appreciated.
  • The linky here will open at 12:00 a.m. (US Pacific) on the 1st day of every month, and will remain open until 12:00 a.m. on the 15th.  Simply add your text link TO THE RELEVANT POST ONLY to the linky list, place the Challenge badge on your site, and try and visit as many of the others' links as possible.  (Html code for the Challenge Badge can be found in the right sidebar.) Please leave comments wherever you visit--silent hovering depresses me.
  • Choose from the three possibilities the level of backloggedness from which you suffer, and follow the guidelines accordingly.  Please indicate your level in each Library Challenge post.

Levels of Backlog:

  1. Running Behind--You need to catch up on your reading a bit, and feel this challenge would be a good motivator to do so.  You are committing to read one book per month that fits the requirement, and nothing else.
  2. Sinking Fast--You feel swamped and hemmed in by the books, which are beginning to take over your life by conquering most of the flat surfaces in your home.  You are ready to commit to not buying any more books each month--including e-books!--until AFTER you've read that month's challenge book.
  3. Biblio Rehab--Every time someone in your family hears you mention a new book you've heard about, they hide your wallet and car keys, dead-bolt the front door, and put you on buy-or-borrow watch.  Admit to yourself that you MUST NOT set foot in a bookstore or library until AFTER you've finished a challenge book for the month.

Will any of us be able to live up to it?  Well, they call us bibliophiles/bibliomaniacs for a reason, but let's prove to our bewildered and doubting friends and loved ones that we do still have an ounce of willpower left!  Enjoy the challenge, tell us all about it, and don't forget to check out each other's stories.

Introduction--October 2011
November 2011
December 2011
2012 Challenge Omnibus (January 2012)
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