September 09, 2012

A Good Cause

Folks, I just wanted to drop you a brief note about a really cool site I found today, and recommend it to those who might find it helpful to themselves or someone they love who suffers from one of the many battles that we're all hoping medical science will someday help us be able to win.  As regular readers will know, a number of major causes are very close to my heart--the fight against lupus (my mother, +2011), heart disease (my dad, +2007), diabetes, PTSD, PCOS, IBS (all of which I have)--and I've been searching for a while now for a type of "cause jewelry," so to speak, that really appeals to me.  Today, I found this.

Teal is the color for PCOS.
Bravelets come in a wide variety of colors/causes.

They're called Bravelets, as is the company that sells them, and for each one sold, the company donates $10 to the cause which the particular bravelet represents.  If you have experienced any of these illnesses, or have had to watch someone you care about suffer with them, you can understand why a person might need the admonition engraved on this bracelet, might need some encouragement to keep fighting the simple, daily struggle that living can be at times.  Each Bravelet is $35, and is made of stainless steel and leather, so even someone with ludicrously sensitive skin like mine can wear it without developing green patches and heinous rashes.  I'm not a paid spokesperson for this company or anything; I just believe in what they're doing, and felt I had to share it with all of you.  I hope you will find it as uplifting as I did.


  1. What a lovely bracelet idea! Thanks for stopping by! Glad to see you out in the blogging world again. Hope you're doing well.

  2. I LOVE my Bravelet (Alzheimer's), I wear it daily. I've ordered a bunch for Xmas gifts this year (ALS & Alzheimer's).


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