August 27, 2011

Geek Bliss

Okay, all, I just had the geekiest birthday imaginable, and I have my loving, supportive family to thank for it.  Yes, I'm an "out & proud" Geek, as is my husband, Michael, and those of you who know us personally have long been aware of this.  But for those new to the area, let me flash my geek credentials for a moment.

First Atari--age 9
Original NES--kept it until I was in grad school, and eventually had to buy an emulator, because I could not live without...
ORIGINAL ZELDA--the ONE and ONLY truly great Zelda game
Star Wars--The first movie and I were born the same year, and I went to a drive-in to see it with my parents when I was still an infant
Star Trek--I own every episode of ST:TNG & Voyager, have seen every episode of TOS & Deep Space Nine, and have nearly finished watching every episode of Enterprise and even THE ANIMATED SERIES
LOTR--Own all three extended version deluxe editions, all the books, a copy of The Hobbit, and a copy of The Silmarillion, of which I've actually read at least 1/3.  That's farther than a lot of people get, anyway.
Harry Potter--I am currently reading the whole series for the 5th(?, maybe 6th?) time, and own every one of the films released thus far, the first 6 in the ultimate editions.

In other words, I am seriously what Michael affectionately calls a "BBD" or "Big Buttery Dork," and I am extremely content that way.  Michael's geekiness runs to other outlets, so he gets a bit weary with all cult classics, all the time around here.  Nevertheless, loving man that he is, he bought me ***drum roll*** The Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Lego set for my birthday!  Isn't he wonderful?
The real star of the show tonight, however, was my mother-in-law, Debbie.  We assembled to celebrate my birthday (which isn't for another three days, but my in-laws will be gone on vacation then).  When we cut the cake and opened the gifts, I discovered that Debbie had bought me a Pharaoh's Quest Lego set!!!!!! 

It's one thing when your fellow geek husband buys you Legos for your 34TH BIRTHDAY, but when a mother-in-law who is completely innocent of even an ounce of geek blood buys you Legos, you know you've found THE COOLEST MOTHER-IN-LAW EVER!!!!  You rock, Debbie.

Another article published!  Be sure to check it out at ViewsHound.


  1. Cute! Happy birthday and many years!

  2. LOL
    BTW you screamed all the way... wait no actually you didn't start screaming until Vader showed up.
    But it ruined the movie for me, Blaine, and Kyle.
    BTW part II
    We went to the drive in, with Aunt Judy, and Uncle Gary (not mom, and dad) in there nearly new Blazer.
    But since you where literally just months old I'll give you 3/4s credit for remembering as much as you did!!!

    BTW III I'm once again officially jealous of the amazing blessing that is your husband, and his family. Praise GOD!!! And thanks to Michael and your in-laws for being so great to you!!


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