December 06, 2011

I Owe My Soul to Reading Challenges

People!  Have you no pity?  No compassion?  No milk of human--ok, ok, I'm really just full of it, so I'll stop with the histrionics.  While it is true that you all have GOT to stop sharing irresistible reading challenges with me, this one requires me to do absolutely nothing that I wasn't already going to do, so it's basically a freebie with a great challenge badge.  What's not to love about that?

It goes like this.  Read whatever you read, as much or as little as you please.  But make a map on Google Maps, so that you can add one of those cool little pins-in-a-map for each book you read.  Every pin reflects where a book is set, or where most of the action takes place.  If your hero lives and works in Melbourne, Australia, but flies to London twice on business, your virtual "pin" goes into Melbourne.  At the end of the year, you get to look back and see how much of the globe you covered.

Of course, the tricky part of all this is that we'll probably all find ourselves reading books we wouldn't normally read this year, or reading even MORE books than we were already committed to, because we want to expand our coverage!  Sneaky, sneaky Book Journey...

Meanwhile, here is the link to my map, though it's currently blank, obviously, since we haven't even GOTTEN to 2012 yet.  I'll be reposting it periodically in posts throughout the year, as our host at Book Journey suggests.  Check often!

Photo Courtesy of the Minnesota Historial Society

P.S. In the spirit of this challenge, let me just say
Welcome, Zambia and Azerbaijan,
newest countries to visit here at The Beauty of Eclecticism!

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  1. Sounds like a fun challenge. I haven't even started looking for my 2012 challenges yet. Too scared about how many I'll sign up for! ;)

  2. Wait, I've been doing that this year! You mean now I can have a pretty badge for it too? :) I've had a lot of fun filling out my map. My problem is that I read a lot of non-fiction and wind up putting titles on where the author lives, which is kind of boring, and also fantasy novels don't work so well. I decided to put them in Antarctica.

  3. You poor creature, I pity your weakness for these challenges
    I think everyone is sending you these challenges just to torture you! That being said, I may join in on this one, is sounds very intruiguing.

  4. I love the challenges! They really stretch me. SO glad to see you on the WHERE Are You Reading challenge, you may be surprised all the started you read in by just reading what you already have planned to.


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