December 03, 2011

Reading Challenges! Aaugh!!!

I'm telling you, a poor defenseless reading challenge addict doesn't stand a chance in this blogger-eat-books world.  People keep throwing challenges in front of me on their blogs about books or authors that I've been determined to get around to for YEARS!  And so, here are not one, but THREE more.  However, I'm trying to minimize the damage, so each of these only has a one-book requirement.  I mean, you're welcome to do more if you like, but who has time?  2012 won't start for another month, and I've already got it more than spent before I ever get it!

Latest Challenge #1: Anne Rice

2012 Anne Rice Challenge See, here's the thing about me and Anne Rice.  I've only read three of her books, and I either fall madly in love with them or passionately hate them.  I have no Anne Rice middle ground--not sure why that is.  Anyway, I'm signing up for the wussiest level that our host at The Towering Pile has provided us, and technically only have to read one book.  I've chosen Angel Time, the first in Rice's "The Songs of the Seraphim" series.  If this turns out to be one of the ones I love, I'll probably read its sequel.  If I hate it, I'll say so in my review and move on to something else.  Challenge complete, no harm, no foul.

Latest Challenge #2: Laura Ingalls Wilder

You have NO IDEA how many times I have set myself the task of reading Farmer Boy, the second book in the "Little House" series, and have never gotten past the first chapter.  For some reason, I've never been able to get into this one!  I think I just prefer books that are centered around Laura because she reminds me so much of myself: mousy brown hair, strong desire to do what's right, bad-ass attitude that keeps getting in the way of that.  She's much more fun than any of the other characters--well, her and "Pa."  They have spunk.  They have secret desires to smack people.  They get bloody sick and tired of being good.  I like them.  But Almonzo isn't squeeky clean, either.  I'm determined to get through HIS book this year!  Hopefully, joining in with this challenge on Stray Thoughts will keep me motivated to do it.

Latest Challenge #3: Discworld

I have been determined to read more of Terry Pratchett ever since I discovered my first Wee Free Men novel, entitled aptly enough, Wee Free Men.  I ADORE the Nac Mac Feegles, but since Pratchett writes a lot more Feegle-free novels than he does books about tiny, adorable and totally untrustworthy blue men, I think it's time I branched out.  I've had a copy of the first in the Discworld series, The Colour of Magic, sitting on my Kindle waiting for me ever since my birthday.  Time to jump into the insanity that is Pratchett's handmade world.  Thank you Hannah at Once Upon a Time for daring me to do so.


  1. Challenges! They're killing me...

    Farmer Boy is adorable. And they eat a lot in it. Have snacks handy! ;D

  2. Awesome challenges, thanks for posting about them. The Laura & Anne Challenges sound like great fun!

  3. I KNOW about the challenges. There's this European Grand Tour one calling my name, but I've already overcommitted! Also, I too have never been able to read Farmer Boy. But! The important piece of information here is: The Colour of Magic is *terrible.* Pterry gets WAY better as he goes along. It is really a much better plan to start with a slightly later book--Mort is a good one, or Wyrd Sisters. They really change quite a bit over time, from farcical fantasy to social satire. Also, don't forget Good Omens!

    1. I agree. In fact I accidentally started in the middle (at the time) and read 'Sorcery'. It got me hooked. I don't know if I would've with the first ones, but they are fun.

  4. Once you step into the Book Challenge waters, it's hard to stop. Trust me, I know. Eighteen challenges and counting....I'm still waffling on making it nineteen by signing up for your Medieval Challenge.

  5. When I was little I read the first few Laura Ingalls Wilder books, but not all of them, and I had the box set, so last year I tried to read them all. I got a few chapters into the first book and was too put off by all the hunting and ooh let's kill some animals! They're tough books for a vegetarian to read. :)


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