December 20, 2011

Yarn A Loooonnngggg

Well, my little Christmas blanket from last week's post is coming along much better than I thought it would be at this stage, proving once again that I need to have more faith in myself.  Visual Aid 1 will demonstrate the current overall size of my current crochet project.

(And I apologize for the image quality I am able to coax out of my cell phone's camera function.)  Visual Aid 2 will provide you with a cover image of a book which, I'm sad to say, I am not enjoying nearly as much as I am my latest crochet adventure. 

My review, when I manage to finally slog my way through the book, will probably be short, operating on the "if you can't say something nice" policy.  BUT, I'm only 30 pages in, so I won't offer any more words now that I may be forced to eat later.  Either way, at least the blanket is coming along nicely.  My SuperToddler, Brigid, gave it the ultimate ringing endorsement.  "Christmas blanket!  It's so beautiful, Mommy!"  A mother's heart can ask for no more than that.


  1. I second your SuperToddler. That blanket looks so pretty...I love the pattern!

  2. Your blanket is looking beautiful. Sometimes the hardest part is having faith in yourself, isn't it? Well done!!

  3. Aww, isn't is great when the little people approve! Glad your progress is surprising you...I seem to be having the opposite problem...


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