October 10, 2011

221B Baker Street

Thank you to Bev from My Reader's Block for pointing out to me that I could double-dip on the Sherlock Holmes goodness and use my current Holmesian TBR pile in order to complete the Baker Street Challenge, as well!

This challenge has already been long underway, beginning in January 2011 and ending on December 31st, but as I've recently read one Holmes, and have plenty more waiting in the wings, I believe I can safely sign on at the lowest level, "A 3-Pipe Problem", and finish before December 31st.  I'll stick to the more novella-sized Holmes, and should therefore be able to get through the three required books in plenty of time, especially since Holmes and Watson are usually real page-turner material.  The game is afoot!

1 comment:

  1. My dear, if you're going to hang out with the likes of Bev you really need to join our 'Reading Challenge Addict' program...
    (PS It was a fun challenge!!)


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