October 13, 2011

Catching Up with 5-Minute Friday

So, the Gypsy Mama has given us all the prompt "Catch" for this week's 5-Minute Friday, and I will do my best to deliver something piquant and coherent.  10:10 p.m.  Here we go.

We have two doors in our house that are very difficult to close.  You have to nearly jerk the knob off the door in order to make the latch engage fully, and since Fall is now officially upon us, we have most of the windows open most of the time, so these doors are suddenly behaving as if they have poltergeists or something, swinging open and shut at random.  I know, very appropriate with Hallowe'en coming up.

A few nights ago, I suddenly heard a very strange noise, and then my two-year-old daughter's voice talking in her room.  I knew she wasn't asleep yet; she often likes to talk over the day she's had with her stuffed animals in her bed before dropping off.  I decided I'd better investigate the strange sound, though, and as I came within sight of her door, she said excitedly, "Mommy!  You're back!"  I re-tucked her in and said good-night, making sure the latch caught this time when I shut the door.

A couple of days later, she heard the wind whipping around outside as she was eating breakfast, so we talked about the wind, and made wind-blowing noises together, and I told her that the wind was saying nice things to her, stuff like that.  When the strange drafts and suctions of the house again opened her door that night just moments after I'd closed it, I now had a foundation on which to build when I went in and said, "The wind blew your door open!  I'll close it for you."  She had fully caught the concept of wind, and was perfectly satisfied with my explanation.  Meanwhile, I made sure that I heard the door latch catch completely before I walked away.

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  1. Your doors opening all by themselves would be a little scary...it's a good thing your little girl didn't think anything of it and was ok. :)


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