October 19, 2011

Reading Anonymous

Well, now that I've cleared out a bit of reviewing backlog, it's time I wrote up a post on another issue to make it official.  Hi.  My name is Jennifer, and I'm a Reading Challenge Addict.

Yes, friends, I'm joining up with Gina and CMash over at the Reading Challenge Addict blog, which is basically just a place to keep track of all the challenges you join, find out about new challenges that are up-and-coming, and help add to the total, ridiculously high number of pages read and challenges achieved that a bunch of bibliomaniacs can produce when we all join together for a common...obsession.  In the 2011 challenge, Gina and CMash set tiers of addictive behavior, based on how many challenges each participant entered and completed, and I assume they will again in 2012, though I imagine that's not really the sort of thing I'll be able to predict about myself.  I won't know how many I entered AND completed until I...you know... complete them.  I know.  I'm burbling now.  Let's move on.

Anyway, come along and join us, and don't forget to join ME here at The Beauty of Eclecticism for my "Read Your OWN Library!" Challenge--a perpetual challenge held once a month--and my 2012 Medieval Reading Challenge--from January 1-December 31, 2012.  Resistance is futile, and not nearly as much fun as giving in to your book addiction.

UPDATE 11/10/2011:

Okay, now that I've seen a bit more of what's out there and signed up for a few challenges, I really think I better quite while I'm only woefully behind, before I get impossibly behind.  I've signed up to read a total of 54 books in 2012 thus far--that's more books than there are weeks in a year!--so I'm officially declaring myself at the On the Roof level of Reading Challenge addiction (6-10 challenges), and I'm going to TRY to practice some restraint about signing up from here on out.  Yeah, I know--good luck.


  1. Yay!! I'm so glad you're finally coming out with the rest of us! Congratulations!!

  2. I look forward to being a part of this, too. I am going to be a part of your Read Your Own Library Challenge and the Cedar Cove Series Challenge. These two would be merged for me as the Cedar Cove books that I have right now, I've had longer than 6 months and haven't read even one yet. I'm also thinking of joining the Greek Classics, especially since it only requires one book. :) It will be fun to see how this all works out. Thanks for introducing me to these challenges!

  3. My pleasure! And don't you just love it when you can double-dip on challenges like that? It makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something really impressive! Even if it's just an illusion, I'll take that feeling as often as I can. :>

  4. WooHoo..another addict!! Glad to meet you and so glad you have decided to join in on the fun!! Stop by often throughout the year and let us know your progress. Also, our resident Queen Addict Bev, usually will find more challenges for us to join.
    See you in a couple of weeks!!!


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