October 16, 2011

Lonely Inbox

My Inbox had a very quiet week, with only one book coming in.  My latest free-book-in-exchange-for-blogging arrived from Multnomah Waterbrook Press, and I have a feeling it and I are going to be major challenges for each other.  Indeed, that's why I chose it; thought I'd dive into the whole "leaving my comfort zone" cliche a bit.  Out of a Far Country was co-written by Christopher and Angela Yuan, a mother and son who are both Evangelical Christians.  According to the blurb, it is the story of the son's "coming out," the mom's attempt to mentally deal with the shock, and the path to Christopher Yuan getting "cured" of his homosexuality.  Deep, murky waters here.  First-of-all, my Church does consider homosexuality a sin, but we also don't usually endorse forcing our beliefs on members of other faiths or on those who hold no particular faith whatsoever.  We DON'T do the whole, "Having these feelings is a sin, whether you act on them or not" thing that I've heard about a few Christian groups believing, and I don't think I've ever heard an Orthodox priest advise someone to get the therapy they needed to "fix" their homosexuality.  That's not to say it's never happened, but I've never heard it happen.  In other words, we try to take a more nuanced approach than that to major cultural issues, so it will be interesting to see how this book handles the situation, and how it affects me.  Review coming soon, obviously.

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