September 22, 2011

5-Minute Friday: Growing

The Gypsy Mama
Most people don't think of Fall as a growing season.  Mention "growing things," and folks assume the next words out of your mouth will be something about Spring, new planting, tulip bulbs, and twitter-pated animals.  (I can't believe I was all of 33 before the etymology, so to speak, of the term "twitter-pated" dawned on me!)  Yet, Autumn is a growing time, an important step in the process of nature's functioning and continuing to thrive.  First and foremost, things do actually come into their own in the autumn; granted, most plants are beginning to wrap their withering leaves around themselves, slowly sink into their cozy beds, and hunker down to wait for the spring thaw, but there are growing things that come to fruition in autumn, or even winter.

More importantly, however, is the round of "seed time and harvest," the fact that, as Scripture says, there can be no new life until there is death.  A seed falls into the ground in order to give life to a new plant in its own likeness.  Autumn has always felt like a very refreshing and alive time for me, because everyone and everything draws a long breath after a rushed summer full of activities, sweat, and daylight savings time, and we allow ourselves the rest that is vital to growth.  I've never seen falling leaves as signs of death and growing old.  Rather, the autumn pause is a time to refresh and prepare for the new burst of life that spring will bring.  It's all a necessary part of the process of growing.


  1. I love how you relate the need for first dying to be able to grow. So true. And dying and growth is a continual process in our lives. Thanks for visiting my blog. Nice to meet you :) Shanda from

  2. I love how you see growth in the time when it feels barren - we so often long for the sunny lush times, but without a good Autumn the summer is not so lushish

  3. I think of harvest (which also means growth) in the fall too. We harvest all of the pumpkins that grow as well as GRAPES (yum). AND we are planting turnips so we can watch the greens grow. Yum!

    Have a blessed day!


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