September 01, 2011

Caillou and the Supertoddler

Everyone here familiar with Caillou?  No?  Okay, here's the Cliffs Notes.  Caillou is the title character of a Canadian children's show, and one of my daughter's favorite people in the (fictional) world.  He has been called the most famous bald kid since Charlie Brown, and I do mean bald.  As a cue ball.  Here's a visual aid.

Cue ball

(as drawn by yours truly)

See what I mean?  Anyway, Caillou has taught my little supertoddler a number of useful things during her two years of life thus far, particularly vocabulary items such as "Gilbert," the name of Caillou's cat and a very important word to know for a future Anne of Green Gables fan.  Of more practical use to Brigid's everyday life at the moment have been fun things like "fire truck" and "Halloween costume."  We're currently conducting in-depth negotiations about what she'll be for the first Halloween where she actually understands the concept of dressing up.  I suggested Abby Cadabby; so far, she's firmly sticking to dressing up as Caillou's little sister, Rosie.  As Michael pointed out, at least it would be an easy costume to assemble--a turquoise dress with a white collar and some sensible little brown shoes are a lot easier to create than a wand and fairy wings.

Oh, but there's a darker side to this loveable little figure, yes, indeed.  He also taught my innocent little angel (eye roll, please) about another annual holiday.  Tonight, while I was changing Brigid's diaper in preparation for bedtime and her Papa was keeping her entertained, she suddenly put her little hand against the wall and gave a shove, as she sometimes likes to do.  She has learned that this causes the plastic changing pad underneath her to shift, and she can create her very own do-it-yourself amusement park ride.  This time, though, she really seemed serious about trying to take a flying leap off the top of the dresser upon which the pad rests.  Not only did she give a good shove against the wall, she actually made to lean her head and upper body over the side of the changing pad as if she had just grown wings and wanted to test them out.  Michael reached forward to push her back, but just then, she pulled herself back, laid down safely on the pad, and bellowed, "April Fool's!"


  1. ROFL she is her mothers daughter.
    I seem to recall a nock nock joke that start odly enough with "Momey do you love me?" And has been the ultemet in family hummar from that day... well to this day. At this point I believe it has been officialy TRUMPT!!

  2. OMG! I had forgotten about that joke when I wrote this post! See, that's the thing about siblings...knowing where bodies are buried and all that kind of crap, :D .


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