September 18, 2011

Just Keep Swimming

I think most of the Blogosphere has put the famous quote from Dory the Adorable Ding-Dong in Finding Nemo to their own use at some point.  I even saw an entire blog that was called "Just Keep Swimming" the other day.  But can you blame us all?  It's an incorrigibly, infectiously hopeful life philosophy.  I am especially attached to Dory, because I lived with her for a year.  No, seriously, my beloved college roommate, Keegan, will be the first to tell you that she is, like Dory, easily distracted by shiny things, uncannily skilled at misplacing important items, and generally a bit flustered much of the time.  What she probably wouldn't tell you herself, however, is that she has the largest, most golden, purest heart of just about anyone I've ever met, and she was always pushing me to "just keep swimming."  It is advice that has served me well over the years.

So, today, I've done a lot of swimming.  It's been a quiet, steady and productive day, with plenty of networking and blog-related explorations interspersed between playing with Brigid, getting her meals prepared and sending her--unwillingly--off to bed at the usual hour.  My readership, though modest, is growing, in modest increments.  My confidence is being restored and bolstered up with every post I publish.  Another article is waiting in the ViewsHound queue, which means I once again spin the roulette wheel and see if I can win one of their prizes soon.  I did "what my hands found to do" today, as the Scripture says, and though it wasn't much, it was what I had to give.  It all seems to be bearing quiet fruit, for which I am grateful to God, and to all of you.

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