September 03, 2011

These Days ARE "Those Days"

A quick clarification for those of you who don't have children: any day that ends with one of the parents saying, "Thank God we anted in the extra $20 for the Diaper Genie with a foot pedal!" is officially "one of those days."

Our poor little SuperToddler has the stomach flu.  Why did no one ever think to warn me that when everyone else's older children go back to school, my TODDLER will catch the same stomach virus as all of them do?  The child isn't even in preschool yet!  And yet, everyone else's kids returning to school and turning the so recently sanitized building into one giant swirling cesspool of germs somehow carries all the way through their parents, to my husband's work place, and home to us.  Perfect.

And the day has certainly brought its share of "vigony."  (For newbies who don't yet know, vigony is a moment when something really awesome happens to you, immediately followed by you royally screwing up somehow.)  I found out that I won the silver prize on ViewsHound for writing the second-best article of the day, and that another of my articles had been accepted and was just about to go live on the internet.  When it did go live, I discovered I had made a really dumb-ass mistake in terminology while writing the article, and ViewsHound's copy editors had naturally missed it, because I had mistaken one Arabic word for another.  I can't imagine why they didn't spot that, can you?  Anyway, I tried to get it fixed in those first few minutes after the article went live, but as of the time that I'm writing this, it hasn't been corrected yet.  I just KNOW I'm going to get comments about this from readers who WILL spot the goof up.  Perhaps this is God's way of lancing my ego.  It worked.

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