November 16, 2011

Apres le Deluge

Well, it's the day after Brigid the SuperToddler's sad "fall from the couch, chip a tooth" incident, and life continues apace.  She seems to have completely forgotten her harrowing experience, even though she gets a funny look on her face when she brushes her top front teeth with her little toothbrush.  Mommy, on the other hand, will take a bit longer to fully recover from the trauma, I guess, but it helped a lot that the day had a very exciting start.  When Brigid and I woke up, we discovered the first snow of this winter, already in progress.  It didn't stick--it briefly turned into sleet, and then to all rain as the temperature rose above freezing--but you'd have thought we were BOTH toddlers, running around in a foot of snow and periodically flopping down to make snow angels, we were so giddy!  We set her high chair right in front of the sliding glass patio door, raised the Venetian blinds, and watched it snow while she ate her breakfast.  She tried to count snowflakes, though she wisely gave up at five and just said, "Five snows!  Yay!", clapping her little hands for sheer joy.  I told her the "story" (as I have every morning for about a week now) of what we would do when Christmas gets here--ham, and cheeseball, and family, and a birthday party for Jesus, and presents for us--and when I finished, as she always does, she announced, "The end!"  A little chip off a tooth didn't dampen our enjoyment of the snow or our anticipation of Christmas one bit.

1 comment:

  1. Good news!
    Toddlers get to trade in there teeth for new one's!


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