November 08, 2011

I Got Schooled

Oh, my dears, I finally discovered Downton Abbey last weekend, and all I can say now is, how shall we bear it until the next season is released?!  It sucks to be addicted to British television and live in the US!

The irony is that the first time I "tried" this show, I wasn't in the least interested, and didn't even glean enough of the plot to finish the first episode!  This experience has taught me some VITAL lessons. 

1)  Never try to watch a relatively quiet period piece with your SuperToddler in the house.  I was trying to keep the volume down so that I wouldn't wake her up, and only succeeded in having no idea what the first episode was about and denying myself the joy of this show for several months longer than necessary.

2)  Pursuant to lesson 1, once the baby has gone to bed, just watch your streaming Netflix on your laptop with your earbuds in!  Then you don't miss a single detail.  DUH!  I know; I feel pretty dumb right now, believe me.

3)  Don't turn on a new show that everyone has been raving about and try to let it be the background noise to your night-time blogging activities!  Clear your schedule, pull up a snack, and give it your undivided attention, at least until you are sure whether or not you love it as much as everyone has said you will.

Now, having humiliated myself publicly by admitting what a "mutton-headed dolt" I was about Downton Abbey for far too long, I have expiated my short-comings and feel that I can enjoy the rest of the show--when it's finally released over here!--with a clear conscience.


  1. Isn't it amazing? Don't you just love Bates?

    I tend to think that us latecomers are lucky: we don't have to wait as long for the second series! :)

  2. Never watched DA! They're crazy about it here, so I naturally avoided it. There's too much rubbish on the telly but some shows are really worth the attention. *If* I ever find time maybe I'll watch this one...


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