November 10, 2011

Unexpected Friday

It's 5-Minute Friday, and when I saw that the prompt word for this week was "Unexpected," I knew there was only one story I just HAD to tell.

For those who haven't before, meet my sweet Brigid the SuperToddler.

When Brigid's father and I got married, it was with the full understanding that I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), and therefore might never be able to conceive.  Yes, I'm one of those women that fertility clinics were invented for, and diagnoses of this syndrome are on the rise.  Before I ever got married, I saw a reproductive endocrinologist, at the suggestion of a friend who has PCOS and is a mom, to see what my odds were.  They were extremely NOT good.  The doctor said I'd probably never conceive without fertility drugs, and we might be looking at IVF, which I was neither willing to undergo nor could I afford.

In the end, I found myself in church after a service one Sunday, on my knees before the image of Christ being cradled in the arms of His beautiful Mother, crying out to her to pray for me to the Son whom she miraculously bore.  Only a miracle could make my and my husband's dream of being parents come true.  We proceeded with our wedding, firmly believing we were made for each other, that God had brought us together, and the rest was up to Him.

About a year after Michael and I married, the doctor informed me that he wanted me to go off birth control, just so he could ascertain whether or not I was even capable of ovulating.  Guess what happened two months later?  Boy, was the result of THAT pregnancy test unexpected!  Glory to God for all things.

Holy Icons
by Matthew Garrett


  1. Just 2 months?! God is cool. Congrats on your unexpected blessing. Good thing you never gave up.

  2. Wow! That is amazing. Gives me hope in our infertility journey as I, too, REALLY do NOT want to do IVF or fertility treatments.

    Love how God gives us the unexpected!

  3. Wow... just when we think we've got everything all figured out (in all our earthly "wisdom";-}) God shows us who's really in control!
    What a wonderful story:)

  4. Yay for God answering your prayers for a baby! What an awesome story!

  5. Oh, how these photos take me back about 15 years! Our Jonathon was a blessed surprise, too, and a high-risk pregnancy on top of that. I marveled at every "normal" thing he did for the first five years. Bask in the wonder of God's blessings, and as each stage passes, revel in the memories!

  6. As you brother I must tell just a bit more of this story to your followers.

    Please forgive me the exact details are a bit hazy since at the time this particular story starts (The story of my sister JNCL, and all things subsequent including her sweet "supper toddler".) I was only 6 years old.

    It happened as I recall on a cold night in early winter. Mom, and Dad had lost a son 2.5 years earlier due to a late term miscarriage. They where told that mom would probably never be able to have any more children. I recall them talking for quite awhile about how much they wanted another chilled, and finally one night in a small "Store Front" church they asked the pastor, and the rest of the congregation to anoint them, lay hands on them and ask God with them for a baby girl.
    Frankly it has been a while ago so I can't tell you exactly how things progressed from there. When Mom found out the great news, or what exactly the reaction was. I do know that there was a lot of joy, and a lot of thanking God for his mercies. And I can tell you that 9 months later there was a baby girl with an amazing set of longs Doing an awful lot of crying, and annoying the daylights out of a some what sardonic big brother! SO you see no one well ever convince me that miracles don't happen, and not just once in a life time ether.

    If you are waiting for a miracle (as I'm sure most of us are...) Take heart. You've already encountered at least 2 yourself!!!

  7. Thanks for providing us the back story. <3 I didn't have time to type it all within the 5 minutes allotted, but I will attest that all of it is true--even the inordinate amount of screaming from my newborn self. =0)


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