November 27, 2011

December's Nightstand

First things first: Welcome, Thailand and Finland!  The newest countries on my blog world map.

Now then, on to the latest news bulletin from my ever-messy nightstand.  Looking back over last month's post, I can report some success.  The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes eventually submitted to my determined efforts, as you can see in my review by clicking on the title.  Likewise, I finished Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix--again!--and have plunged straight ahead into the next, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.  I haven't much time to work on it at present, though, because I'm neck-deep in other things for reading challenges.  Chief among those being Red Land, Black Land, which I'm reading feverishly because I'm supposed to have it done by December 1st for my own "Read Your OWN Library!" Challenge.  I'm over half-way through it now, though, and utterly captivated, so no worries about not finishing it this time, like my former failed attempt.  At present, however, it is STILL prominently displayed on my nightstand.

The newest addition is my copy of three of Charles Dickens' famous Christmas Books, i.e. A Christmas Carol, The Chimes and The Cricket on the Hearth.  Obviously, these are my chosen holiday reads for December, which I'm reading for The Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge.  I have already completed the first of these (click above for review), and as soon as I finish with the Egyptological tome mentioned above, they will be my constant study until I finish this challenge--with some Sherlock Holmes thrown in for variety.

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