November 21, 2011

Fall Back and Regroup

The title of this post is one of Brigid's new favorite phrases; she heard it on a Veggie Tales video in which the Veggie Hebrews were trying to bring down the walls of Jericho.  You see why I call her the SuperToddler?!  It's disconcerting sometimes to have a child who is not even potty-trained yet randomly call out impressive phrases like, "Fall back and regroup!"

Anyway, I know I had a point here just a minute ago ... Ah, here it is!  My point is, this weekend kind of sucked.  My Good Man Michael and I had a lovely few hours out together having lunch and getting supplies at Wal-Mart, but after that, the weekend took a nose-dive.  Just to give you one example, I was eating some potato chips when one of my teeth--wait for it--CRUMBLED!  Not a happy experience, and unfortunately, not the first time I've had it.  I just have bad teeth; it's a family trait, I'm afraid.  I have an uncle who had to start wearing dentures when he was 25!!  At least my teeth have outlived his by a decade.  I hope to God that the SuperToddler inherited her FATHER'S dental genes.  Yep, roamed right away from that "point" thing again.  Dammit!  Okay, I've spotted it!  I'll try not to let it get away from me this time.

Photo by Matt Kozlowski

SO, what I'm TRYING to get around to saying is this: After a rather yucky weekend, I have fallen back, regrouped, and am ready to jump back into reading and blogging with renewed verve!  One reason for this is that today, I FINALLY get to begin the Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge.  I got my books picked out weeks ago, and have been very impatiently waiting for the starting date to get here so I could crack them open.  Mr. Dickens, I'm inviting you over for Thanksgiving!

Don't you just LOVE Currier and Ives?


  1. I have often wondered if Roald Dahl didn't have the right idea. He had all his teeth removed when he was 21, wore dentures, and tried to convince all his friends to do the same because it was so much less trouble. Happily my two girls *do* seem to have inherited their father's cavity-proof teeth.

    I have two Christmas books picked out--the Everyman collection of Christmas short stories and Alison Uttely's "A Country Child," which I'm pretty sure covers the whole year but the bit I remember best is all about Christmas. I haven't entered a challenge though...

  2. Oooh, sorry about your tooth! Scary!


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