November 26, 2011

Do You Speak Quote? (2)

It's a quiet, lazy Saturday afternoon, which is perfectly lovely.  Good Man Michael is sitting in his recliner, Brigid the SuperToddler is watching the 80's classic "A Claymation Christmas"-- AAAAAGGGGGAAAAAIIIINNNNN!--and I'm computer multitasking.  Guess what?  I'm bored!!  And we all know what THAT means!  Time for another installment of the semi-regular feature around here, "Do You Speak Quote?"  I give you a quote, you give me your best guess as to the source, and somebody gets a free (VERY gently used) book.  (One owner.  Low mileage.  Only read once.  That kind of thing.)  Are you ready?

In which book would you see someone referred to as being "of the race that knows Joseph"?  Hint: the answer is NOT the Bible, or any book of the Bible.  Leave your answer in the comments, and invite your friends to do the same.  Good luck!


  1. Oo! Me, me, I know! The Anne of Green Gables books, especially the later ones like House of Dreams.

  2. Well, THAT didn't take long! I'll e-mail you a list of books to choose from, Jean. Hopefully one of them will take your fancy.

  3. Ooh, I thought it was the Emily books, not the Anne books. Clearly I'll have to brush up on my L M MOntgomery!


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