November 10, 2011

Medieval Challenge Update

Programming Note for the 2012 Medieval Reading Challenge

I originally said that the sign-up for this challenge would go live at the end of December 2011.  However, by popular demand, I have now put the live linky on the Challenge headquarters page, and you can sign up as of NOW!  Yay!  Sign up, bring your friends, and prepare for a medieval New Year.

(Remember: only books read from January-December 2012 count toward the challenge.)


  1. That's great! Posted my link. :)

  2. Hi there, I have two questions about your challenge, which sounds indeed interesting, except that I know I will never be able to read 12 books of this kind in one year! So, first question is, could there be a lower level for those of us only wishing to commit to reading, I don't know, 2-3 books?
    Also, do only books in your master list count, or any book written between 400-1550?

  3. Scribacchina, I took your suggestions to heart, and adjusted accordingly. Please see Medieval Update, Part II for the latest (and hopefully, final) modifications to the challenge.


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