November 20, 2011

Glutton for, well, BOOKS!

I'm pathetic, I know.  No self-control whatsoever.  Another book blogger admitted to me in an e-mail the other day that she loves the challenge BUTTONS almost as much as she loves taking on the reading challenges and feeling the sense of accomplishment once they're completed.  Seeing someone else admit it in print freed me up to bring my button predilection out of the closet as well, and so, here I am with another challenge on my hands.

Honestly, I like the fact that this is a long-established challenge, that I'll be joining a community of people who enjoy this event, but really--isn't the button just so sweet?  I was tempted when Bev at My Reader's Block started talking this one up, but when I saw the button, I was hooked, and there was no escape.  So, on to the paperwork.

Six books will be required this year (and perhaps that's always been the number; I don't truly know), in the following categories:

~A book with a topographical feature in the title, e.g. hill, mountain, valley  No Man's Land
~A title featuring something you'd see in the sky, i.e. cloud, bird, sunset  Clouds of Witness
~A book with a creepy-crawly in the title--insect, worm, snake
~Something with a type of house in its title, be it wigwam or mansion At Home in Mitford
~A title containing something you would carry in your purse, pocket or bookbag, like a book, office supply of some kind, or your laptop 13 Little Blue Envelopes
~A book with something you'd find on a calendar in the title--day, month, year, or for the less prosaic, "pin-up" would work  Fenway 1912

There it is, and the count continues to climb for books read in a year that hasn't even started yet.  Double- Triple- Quadruple-dipping, here I come for sure!

1 comment:

  1. Those challenges...and their buttons!...are definitely addictive! I'm already up to 16. Shhh! I didn't say that, did I?


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